At AllCash we stress the importance of smart cash management, because when efficient ways to protect assets are in place, that’s when we achieve our objective of protecting lives. Our asset protection products lead the market in electronic locks, cash in transit equipment and on-site cash protection. Because in a world when we are all trying to make the best economic decisions and be fiscally responsible, we mustn’t forget that it is people who keep our businesses going, and it is in managing our cash that we keep our people safe.

Besides the top priority of the security of staff and customers smart cash management means a better run business and peace of mind for management, staff, and customers.

Having systems in place that protect your cash by having physical terminals with the latest software and technology means that the management team has a wholistic view of the business and are aware of security risks and care enough to take steps to avoid them.

Training staff to use these systems means that importance is placed on responsibility and accountability. When management introduce these measures to staff this ensures that everyone in the business have priorities that are aligned.

And when clients see that these systems are in place their trust in the business grows. They see the implementation of smart cash management not just as the business protecting itself, but the team behind the business making a statement to everyone who walks through the door: “You’re safe here”.


Just because it is a priority that no business can overlook that does not mean that smart cash management is common sense, or something that businesses can achieve without any assistance. When it comes to protecting what matters most, we fight. We fight hard, and it won’t be easy.

That’s why you leave it to the professionals.

AllCash are experts in keeping valuables safe. When you call on us to protect you and lead you in smart cash management practices you have a 100% guarantee that we are committed to understanding what you need and optimising the way you operate. We offer front to back service. If we recognise a need in your business we have a product for you; and it’s a product that we trust ourselves. Because not only do we distribute, we design and manufacture as well. And backed by our expert support and maintenance, you are never left without someone watching your back.

Bringing effective smart cash management systems, products and protocols to businesses nationwide is what we do at AllCash. We are a technology company driven by service. We know what is important and we know how to protect it. Trust us with what you need kept safe.