Cash Ranger



The Cash Ranger Cross Pavement Carrier has been designed to protect larger quantities of cash being carried across the pavement such as for the replenishment of ATMs. The Cash Ranger uses Bag Ripper and Ink Spray technology to effectively stain up to 9000 banknotes packed in tamper evident bags. The Cash Ranger uses the same technology and operation as the Cash Defender enabling simple integration into existing hardware and operating procedures.


  • 9000 banknotes in tamper evident bags carrying capacity
  • Trolley mounted construction
  • New generation Bag Ripper and Liquid Dye Dispensing system
  • Automatic reaction to attack. No action required by guard
  • SABS and Central Bank approved


  • Trigger release option for immediate response for high risk operation
  • Timer operation option for low risk operation
  • Anti cut and lid forced protection
  • 3 stage activation – alarm, external smoke and banknote staining
  • “Bunny hop” recovery mode to prevent accidental activation
  • Audit trail function to record all activity
  • Dallas make safe keys at site, vehicle and base
  • Lithium ion battery technology