Our Mission


AllCash sells and supports adaptable hardware and software solutions incorporating innovative technology to protect lives, protect assets, enhance management information and improve efficiencies.


AllCash is a technology solutions company delivering hardware and software to protect lives, protect assets, improve efficiencies and give reliable information.

This will be accomplished by combining available innovative technologies for design with the skills and experience of our people and excellence of customer service to provide superior products which offer the specified security, life protection and business solutions to our customers.


  1. Prioritise customer’s needs and provide reliable solutions that meet the security specifications and protect the lives of their staff.
  2. Deliver intelligent, quality products and systems, on time.
  3. Measure and seek to continuously improve performance.
  4. Conduct ourselves honestly and ethically.
  5. Have fun while working in a team environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.
  6. Make sustainable returns for all stakeholders