AllCash Foam Protection Unit

The AllCash Foam Protection Unit has been field tested and has a proven track record in safeguarding assets during a cash-in-transit heist, leading to asset recovery and a significant reduction in actual attacks.

The AllCash Foam Protection Unit (AFPU) is a system designed and developed for use in Modular Armed Vehicles and Multi Purpose Vehicles that are used in the cash-in-transit industry, to protect assets in the vault area of the vehicle in the case of a heist. Once activated, AFPU will rapidly envelop the transported assets in a solid block of polyurethane foam, making it impossible for the attackers to retrieve it from the vehicle. It can be activated by different methods, depending on the client’s needs and risk exposure. The AFPU consists of three components:

The Foam Dispenser. This is the main part of the AFPU, from which foam is dispensed after being triggered from the system in a specific sequence. This dispenses the chemicals into the vault area.

The Trigger Unit. This unit is mounted outside the vault area of the vehicle and consists of a trigger circuit in a box. The trigger knob is held in place by a safety clip.

Power Pack. The Power Pack acts as a power source to the AFPU unit so that it doesn’t rely solely on the vehicle’s battery, hence ensuring fail safe activation.

A Leading CIT company in South Africa, rated by Lloyds of London as ‘the best Risk Managed CIT Company in the world’, says: “We trust the AFPU to provide the last line of defence against attacks. Since 2002 all cash carriers used in our operations have had the AFPU fitted. We follow a two pronged approach: firstly, the armour on the vehicles ensures the safety of our personnel; secondly, the AFPU ensures that the cash is protected.”