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AllCash is the South African distributor and support partner of Glory Global Solutions for the CASHINFINITY™ range of recyclers and cash management terminals for the Retail sector. Cash is a physical item. The way it moves from one place to another has to be managed just as you would manage any other object of value. Smart retailers around the world are managing the movement and use of cash in the same way they do for their merchandise. In other words, there is a supply chain for cash, as well: we call it the Retail Cash Chain. 

CASHINFINITY™ is the most advantageous cash management system with remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit any size of store, various business segments and each investment plan. 

CI-10 compact note and coin recycler for the till point 


The Glory CI-10 note and coin recycler allows the cashier to scan and pack goods allowing the customer to pay for goods using mixed note and coins or swiping a card. The recycler automatically issues either notes or coins as change back to the customer. This eliminates shortages at the till point as well as HR issues that surround the management of shortages. The CI-10 is also able to hold a float in the device while moving excess cash via a cannister to the back office. Cashiers no longer have till drawers with floats, they merely log on and off, shift changes become seamless.   



CI-50 Back Office – Banknote And Coin Recycler 

The handling and movement of cash in any retail environment can be costly and impacts the efficiency of your staff and business operations.

The CI-50 is a compact coin and note recycler which can improve the cash management process by accepting mixed note and coin deposits from cashiers at the end of day and issue floats back to the cashiers before starting their shifts. This means that a float can be held in the device as required by the retailer. Only the excess cash is moved from the float holding area to the self sealing stacking bag as determined by the retailer for banking purposes. The CI-50 records all transactions and improves reconciliations dramatically.