Safe Defender


If you’re storing up to R400 000 in cash at night – your safe simply isn’t safe enough. Our Safe Defender can help you change that. Take the proactive approach to cash storage safety with a motion-triggered dye solution capable of staining up to 5000 notes that integrates with your current security system to ensure your cash is well protected, before the threat even gets near it. The additional features such as the back-up power-supply, tamper detection/reporting and full audit trail capabilities gives you the peace of mind that your cash is safer than it ever was.


• Company – ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

• SABS Approved

• Legally approved for use in currency degradation

• Dye stains up to 5000 notes

• Reliable and Robust

• Audit trails in PDF Format available

• Operates within a pre-determined time window

• Activates by movement detection when armed

• Proactive – activates prior to the perpetrator getting to the safe

• System tamper detection and reporting, with optional activation

• 72-hour backup power system


• Width 360mm

• Depth 300mm (+30mm for the handle)

• Height 405mm

• Weight 14kg