Protecting Lives, Protecting Assets



AllCash Group was founded in 1992 and is a leading South African hardware and software solutions provider for asset protection in the cash in transit, banking and retails sectors. 

AllCash designs, manufactures, distributes and services asset protection solutions (including High Security Electronic Locks, Cash Carriers, intelligent ATM Protection Systems, Safe Defenders, Glory Cash Recycling Devices and Vehicle Vault Protection Systems). 

AllCash has its own in-house software development company, JustGood Tech (Pty) Ltd and also distributes, integrates and supports cash and asset tracking and cash management software solutions for the banking and cash-in-transit market sectors. 

AllCash Group’s brand promise “Protecting Lives, Protecting Assets”, emphasises the commitment to intimately understand customers’ needs and provide solutions to reduce risk and optimise operational efficiencies by delivering the best software and hardware solutions to protect and manage customers’ staff, cash and assets. 

AllCash Group is a wholly South African owned company, employing 58 full time staff. AllCash South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a 51.4% black owned entity (Level 2 BBBEE rating) in which staff of AllCash Group are included in the ownership. The Group operates from offices and a factory in Kyalami Business Park, Midrand with service branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mthatha, Durban, Polokwane and a network of 12 accredited agents covering service in all other parts of South Africa. The Group has appointed distributors and service agents in 11 African countries to install and service electronic locks and protection solutions (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia). 

AllCash Group invests heavily in research and development of new products on an ongoing basis. It is certified as an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company and its products are approved by the South African Bureau of Standards. It also has long established relationships and distribution rights for leading international cash protection and cash management solutions companies such as Glory (Japan), Oberthur Cash Protection (France), and Gehrer (Switzerland). On the software side, it distributes and supports G+D Transtrack’s cash web community (CWC) software and Omnitracs Roadnet software for route planning, scheduling and dispatching.  

The manufactured and distributed products of AllCash Group are used by leaders in the Banking, Financial Services, Cash in Transit and Retail sectors including Absa, Nedbank, First National Bank, ATM Solutions, NCR/Spark ATM, Teba Bank, SA Post Office (SAPO), G4S Cash Management Services, G4S Botswana, SBV, Fidelity Cash Solutions, Izicash, Cash Automation, Boxer Cash and Carry, McDonalds, Marriott Hotels and Midas. 

Manufactured Products 
AllCash is a leader in the design and production of sophisticated intelligent electronic locks, time delay locks and inter-locking systems with full online operation, ability to extract audit trails and download codes remotely via a secure web application. The full range of electronic locks has features and functionality that match best international standards for comparable products.  

The Group is the market leader in the design and manufacture of a complete range of intelligent, electronic, tamper proof cash protection boxes with smoke and ink dye technology approved for the degradation of currency. The electronic methodology used in the intelligent boxes is known worldwide as IBNS (ink-dye banknote neutralisation system).  

The cross-pavement carriers contain the latest bag destruction and ink staining technology for banknotes. Four years ago, a multi-purpose cassette or bag carrier on a trolley, with an approved capacity of up to 10000 notes, known as the AllCash Warrior was added to the product range. This product injects ink into the cassettes/bags when the carrier comes under attack and is activated. 

The Safe Defender cash protection device is a leading product to protect overnight holdings of cash within vaults with ink dye stain. The product self-arms at pre-determined times and is a self-activating solution if the vault is breached during the set time windows.  

In the protection of ATM’s, AllCash distributes, installs and supports the French company, Oberthur Cash Protection’s ICSD (In Cassette Staining Device), which is an active electronic ATM protection system which uses ink dye stain to protect the cash in NCR, Diebold Nixdorf and Hyoseung cassettes against grinding, torching, ramming, bombing and other forms of attack on ATM safes. AllCash also distributes a cheaper passive solution which only protects in the case of bombing of an ATM. 

The Group manufactures and supports a vehicle vault protection system known as “AFPU” (AllCash Foam Protection Unit). This system protects cash being transported in vehicle vaults and encases the cash in polyurethane which hardens within a few minutes after activation if the vehicle comes under attack. 


The technical service and repair capability of AllCash Group has grown and been developed into a 24-hour national call centre. The company is able to utilise this capability to ensure efficiency on all its service level agreements (SLA’s). 


Software Solutions 

 Software development for all group products is housed in a new group company called JustGood Tech (Pty) Ltd. 

The distributed software products part of the business was originally built around the distribution, integration and support of G+D Transtrack’s suite of software products called the Cash Web Community. The modules of this software which provide cash management capabilities to customers have enabled AllCash Group to achieve growth across the banking, cash in transit and retail sectors. The expertise of the team of software support engineers has given the company the base to add the distribution and support of other synergistic software products like Omnitracs Roadnet software, a leading USA developed product used by logistics operations in route planning, scheduling and management. This product is used by Coca Cola in South Africa and by many leading FMCG brands worldwide. 

Strategic Themes and Priorities for AllCash Group 

AllCash’s main strategies remain aimed at broadening our product offerings (including into new sectors) and emphasise the “tech/cashtech” nature of the hardware and software solutions that we provide for asset protection and more efficient asset management.