Protecting Lives, Protecting Assets



Our Company’s brand promise “Protecting Lives, Protecting Assets” emphasises our commitment to intimately understand our customer’s needs as we assist in eliminating risk and optimising operational efficiencies by delivering reliable, robust and secure software and hardware solutions to protect and manage our customers’ cash and assets today and into the future.

AllCash SA with a full ISO accreditation is a South African company employing over 50 full time staff and invests heavily in both Research and Development of cash management devices and protection products.

As the South African market leader our manufacturing division specialises in technology applications for the design, development, manufacture and support of cash management devices and protection products. Our range of electronic locks and cross pavement carriers are used by local and international Commercial Banks, Cash In Transit service providers and Security Companies.

The AllCash Foam Protection Unit (formerly known as PUDU) is AllCash’s vehicle vault protection system that has been enhanced with additional functionality and features.

Our Software division is the South African Representative, Integration & Support Partner of G+D’s Cash Web Community Software. Since 2006 we have been instrumental in supplying the associated hardware, implementation, training and maintenance of the CWC (Cash Web Community) software suite throughout Africa and other regions.

AllCash also represents and distributes for American Fleet Management Software Developer – Omnitracs Roadnet. The Roadnet Transportation Suite provides route planning, dispatching, tracking and reporting at lower costs, all while improving customer service, and enhancing overall transportation intelligence.

We are a technology company driven by service and we focus 100% on providing our customers with the right solutions.

AllCash – Protecting lives, protecting cash