ICSD L3 – Active Atm Protection System

In-Cassette Staining Device – ICSD L3 protects the funds inside of the ATM cassette against all forms physical attacks including: Cutting, Grinding, Drilling, Bombing, Ram Raids, etc.

Designed and manufactured by Oberthur Cash Protection, France, distributed, installed and supported by AllCash SA in South Africa.

Top Features

  • Approved for NCR, Diebold Nixdorf and Wincor Nixdorf
  • SABS and Central Bank approved
  • Active System that protects against physical and bombing attacks
  • Auto-arm and Disarm – No action required by users
  • More than 20,000 installations worldwide
  • Full audit trail of events
  • No modification to ATM required
  • Simple and secure operation
  • High quality of staining
  • Modular solution, can be extended

High-quality staining performance provided by ICSD L3 is confirmed by Central Bank certification in South Africa and has passed the most stringent local and international tests.

Security Control Module defines cassette attributes, making cassette exchange and management easy. The solution is modular and can be extended as required.


Compatibility Currencies accepted Dimensions Installation space
ICSD L3 NCR, Wincor Nixdorf Diebold Opteva All banknotes (polymer and cotton fibre) Mounted in cassette lid None


Communication protocols Radio Dimensions (in mm) Power
Security Control Module (SCM) I2C, RS232 868 MHz bidirectional W 23.5 x L 263 x H 107 12V or 220V

Ink Module
(Component located inside of the lid of ATM cassette)

  • Multiple sensors (temperature, tilt, illegal opening)
  • Reversible modification of the cassette
  • Autonomous capability
  • User-friendly status indicators (LED, buzzer)
  • No pyrotechnics used

OCP Security Control Module (SCM)
(Component located in ATM)

  • Programmable configuration
  • Encrypted wireless communication
  • No modification to ATM required (will not invalidate warranty)
  • 1x SCM per ATM
  • Automatic detection of ATM’s door opening to change security mode to loading/maintenance
  • Fully automated mode settings or easy mode changes on customer demand
  • Visible status indicators
  • I/O bus to add peripheral devices (gas detection, dispenser circuit breaker, etc.)
  • Lithium-ion battery backup

Ink Staining Specifications

  • High level of staining: 100% of banknotes and more than 30% of surface area of each note
  • No modification to ATM required (will not invalidate warranty)
  • Fast ink deployment (milliseconds)
  • Non hazardous ink used
  • Truly indelible ink staining. Meets international standards