Many institutions deal with cash and valuables on premises so why would they need route planning software? If you are in the business of transporting assets these digital tools are essential, and if you have assets that need to be transported you need to know that the organisations you trust with your valuables are using the most safe, efficient and secure methods to get your precious cargo where it needs to go.

Omnitracs is the global pioneer of innovative and comprehensive fleet management solutions transforming the transportation industry through technology and insight. And AllCash is proud to distribute their route planning software tools to businesses in South Africa who take the safety and security of the lives and assets in their care seriously.

Understanding route planning software and using it correctly, taking full advantage of all its benefits means optimising delivery, service and sales routes which can reduce transportation costs. It also helps in automating the planning process which will sharpen time management so that businesses can use the time saved on other, more pressing, matters.

There are many variables that can influence route planning and having software that helps make this process more efficient is a must for business success. Factors like rising maintenance costs, customer changes, municipal infrastructure issues and other resource emergencies means you have to do everything you can to remain agile, and manually rerouting an entire territory or region is usually out of the question.


Omnitracs offers the Territory Planner module which is a fast and simple solution to all strategic route planning. No matter what your previous method of planning was the Territory Planner receives historical data, company priorities and resources and evaluates all this information to come out with the best solution for you.

Territory Planner is a sophisticated, easy-to-use strategic solution that optimises all existing delivery, service, and sales routes. It also reduces transportation costs by efficiently allocating resources and automates your strategic rerouting process, reducing time and management involvement needed to complete the planning cycle.

By using Territory Planner route planning software, you can explore strategic options that enhance customer service while improving cost efficiency. Territory Planner provides immediate control over every aspect of your operations, allowing you to assess the best use of your resources towards your operational goals.

For more information on Omnitracs Territory Planner or any other Omnitracs route planning software available from AllCash our dedicated and passionate team is always available for any questions. If you want to keep lives and assets safe you need a company with expertise that lead the market in electronic locks, cash in transit equipment and on-site cash protection. That’s AllCash.