We all have something valuable that we want to keep safe, so having secure, reliable asset protection is something that everyone is concerned about. Deterring any inclination to attack a place of business by focusing on protecting the assets of that business directly affects protection of the lives in that business.

Asset protection is more than just locking valuables in a safe or making sure there are security protocols for handling cash that are followed. Protecting assets means making sure the business or institution that relies on those assets thrives, and that everyone in the walls of that building feels safe coming to work every day. When we make protecting assets a priority, we make protecting lives a priority and this can only lead to us being stronger.

There are many ways to implement effective asset protection. From devices and machinery within the business. To protocols that protect every entrance and exit to your business. Proper training of staff is also essential, as well as having a trustworthy third party to rely on during transportation of those assets if needed. Many might think that these are “common sense” practices, that any business or institution that does not have one or more of these in place is foolish. Not the case. The safety and security sector is evolving, and so is the way those who seek to do us harm think. So, we must keep up with the times and always adapt and expecting you to do it alone is irresponsible. That’s where AllCash comes in.


At AllCash we don’t just protect lives, we protect assets, and we protect cash. But it is more to us than that. We have in-house research and development teams who work on our products from the ground up, doing excellent design and manufacturing. And we never leave you vulnerable because all of our quality products are backed by expert support and maintenance.

Our cumulative experience of 30 years means we are experts in asset protection through design. We invest up to 10% of turnover back into R&D annually and have the ability to customize our products to the exact requirements of any business or institution. All of our product ranges comply with international industry standards.

With state-of-the-art assembling and testing equipment our manufacturing facility in the Kyalami Business Park in Midrand means we have a firm grasp on local needs. We continuously invest in skills development and offer in-house apprentice training. We are proud to protect our people, so you can be sure we know how to protect yours.

Asset protection is an ongoing process. AllCash have technical maintenance and support teams for both the hardware and software of all our products. We offer service level agreements with all clients, and we work hard to ensure compliance. We work with a network of branches and accredited agents to offer superior response times.

Our asset protection products lead the market in electronic locks, cash in transit equipment and on-site cash protection. You can trust us.