As a way to keep lives and assets safe, dye stained notes play an essential role. Popular movies and tv shows often have scenes of criminals who attempt to steal cash only to get a face full of blue ink that is seemingly impossible to remove, but your protection is no laughing matter. Precautions like this are in place for a reason.

Economics is a carefully structured system where the value of currency is fluctuating, and industries work to keep assets valuable. When those assets are under threat it can throw the entire system off balance. Dye stained notes are a precaution that is taken to ensure the value of currency and other assets.

Many ATMs are fitted with mechanisms that dye cash when an attempt at theft is made, this is not to make the thieves look silly, it’s to keep the cash and the lives of those protecting the cash, safe. It also plays a role in balancing the economy. It is the duty of all citizens to be aware that dye stained notes have no monetary value and cannot be used as legal tender for any goods or services.

During times of civil unrest citizens can engage in activities they regret. They can put their own and the lives of their community at risk even when they believe they are acting in everyone’s best interests. Not only will physical harm come to those who do wrong, but a fragile economy is also at risk. Circulating dye stained notes amongst other legal money is in no-one’s best interest. Being found in possession of these notes can lead to criminal chargers, investigations, and possible penalties – it’s not worth it.


As business owners, institutions who regularly handle cash and everyday citizens we must all be vigilant. Never accept dye stained notes as change from any shop or business or as payment from any customer.
The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is mandated to protect the value of currency in the interest of balanced and sustainable economic growth, so this institution must be top of mind when you come into contact with damaged or defaced notes. The police must also become involved because dye stained notes are usually stolen notes. Though it is possible for money to become stained in other ways we cannot take the risk. As a leading South African designer, manufacturer and distributor of cash protection equipment, cash management solutions and asset tracking products we at AllCash advise to always be alert.

Dye stained notes are an unfortunate effect of criminal or attempted criminal activity. AllCash have a range of products that can be designed to fit our customers’ unique needs, which will not only put your mind at ease, assure you that your assets are protected, but work to prevent criminal activity from happening in the first place. Our priority is not only to keep your valuables safe, but to protect the lives that are protecting those valuables. You can rely on us for your security.