When in public a smart locker is vital to keep everyday carry items safe. Today our most important valuables can fit in our pockets. Cellphone, wallet and keys are all easy to misplace and even easier to steal.

Lockers are a staple in environments where team members work in shifts, for example restaurants or retail, they are also necessary in public places where our everyday carry items are needed but can get in the way during our activities, like the beach or gym. But lockers are simple and easy to compromise, they are no longer an effective solution to the problem that our modern-day lifestyle has made more complicated. When the first lockers were constructed and put up no-one imagined that they would be needed to store arguably the most important item for the modern person – our cellphone.

The little device has all our personal information, it is a means to stay in contact with loved ones as well as professional colleagues and for most of us even contains banking and medical information – we need a smart locker to make sure this important device does not fall into the wrong hands.

Simple lock and key will no longer cut it when a smart locker is much more effective. Remember these personal items are not just an inconvenience if lost, those desperate enough to attempt theft of them, often have nothing to lose and doing physical harm is definitely not off the table for them. A smart locker in any market segment can mean the difference between keeping your people safe and seeing someone get unnecessarily hurt.


AllCash offers the Smart Matrix Storage as a type of smart locker system that will replace those archaic and unsafe lock-and-key lockers. This system consists of different sized compartments lockable with a password, biometrics or both. So not only is it safe to leave your belongings, there is no need to carry around a key, which is another small item in danger of being lost or damaged.

Commercial establishments where team members need not have their personal items on the floor while working absolutely need a system like this. Every public place, like beaches or parks, where people need to be able to feel safe without worrying about losing or damaging their precious items need a system like this. Consulates or other government buildings where personal items are prohibited for security reasons need a system like this.

In the business of protecting assets and protecting lives a smart locker system is the only right choice.