AllCash offers a series of routing software products from Omnitracs Solera a leading developer of fleet management solutions. From the beginning of the journey, through any challenges along the way, right until the final destination, at every step of the way there are people who trust us to take care of them.

As a business owner or operator saving costs and protecting the bottom line is often a priority. Essential routing software gives you the tools that allow you to reduce driver overtime, this not only ensures healthier, safer drivers but also contributes to greater profitability as kilometers driven, and fuel costs, are lowered.


AllCash is an authorised reseller of the Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite and Omnitracs Roadnet keeps your routing and your business on track. It is a transportation tool that gives you flexibility and lets you adapt to any obstacles in your daily transportation schedule. It also helps you automate your scheduling, so you spend less hours planning your route and can invest that time into strategic forecasting. Roadnet generates routes that promote the highest degree of customer service so you can meet and exceed customer service expectations. This routing software also captures useful reports like a Resource and Utilization Report, a Route and Location Cost Report, and a Time Window Exception Report. All vital information you need to track and evaluate your progress. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere is a dispatch + routing software system. It is cloud based vehicle routing and dispatch made simple. This system creates routes as orders come in and because it is a web-based software-as-a-service application all information is readily available on connected mobile devices. It has a map detail functionality that allows you to view each route as it is built geographically. The tool also increases efficiency by helping to manage order volume, decreasing transportation costs by optimising the amount of stops per route while considering kilometers traveled and driver safety and overtime. The software is also able to help you plan driver incentives based on results such as customer service. This dynamic tool gives you real time updates and the ability to add in last minute orders and still get the most efficient and safest route possible. These are just two options from Omnitracs Solera brought to you by AllCash, there are more.

This is routing software that helps you navigate not only the challenges of managing transportation operations, but also opens up new opportunities to you. With advancements in technology we offer the most innovative solutions that help you be more efficient, safer and more customer focused. Our promise to you is to help you deliver on your promise.