As bank branches, retail stores, cash centres and casinos, and all other institutions with manual cash processes know responsible retail cash management is paramount to business success. AllCash is the local distributor for the internationally recognised brand Glory.

Founded in 1944. Headquartered in Japan, Glory deliver secure, efficient payment systems and instant, highly accurate identity verification and authentication solutions that enable confidence in transactions and other interactions between businesses and people.

Innovation is at the heart of what Glory does. As an organisation that AllCash is proud to partner with, they bring real innovation to our customers. They use technology, process, and our people in innovative ways. Through their efforts they fundamentally change the way cash moves across operations, how staff work, how customers are engaged and the ways in which businesses connect their retail cash management systems.

One of the most groundbreaking solutions that AllCash is proud to locally distribute is the Glory CASHINFINITY™ range. This retail cash management solution portfolio includes three separate systems that when combined work together to keep not only your assets safe, but the lives of those who protect those assets safe from any who wish to cause harm.


Glory CASHINFINITY™ is the most vigorous and robust retail cash management system available on the market today. It offers remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit any size of store, various business segments and each investment plan.

Glory is committed to helping optimise the retail cash chain and the natural starting point for retailers who want to be on the forefront of technology thatpush enhanced operational efficiencies is to invest in the CASHINFINITY™ system. Here are the three elements of the system that will surely make your retail cash management stand head and shoulders above the rest.

To reduce the burden and risk of your back-office cash processes the CI-50 is perfect. With automated processing of cash accelerates start and end of day processes, as well as shift changes, this machine will reduce the risk of cash shrinkage, enhance the productivity of your staff, and enable provisional credit where available.

The CI-30B will facilitate large quantities of banknotes being deposited by retailers, into a secure device, within their back-office environment. It can also store pre-sorted notes, thus making post-processing easier.
Lastly the CI-10 – Compact Cash Recycling System removes the need for staff to handle cash at the point of sale. When integrated into your existing POS system the CI-10 securely automates cash handling at payment positions minimising the risk of errors and shrinkage while enhancing staff productivity and customer service.
As a business owner there are a lot of responsibilities to consider. As a business owner who handles cash on a regular basis safety and security concerns are always top of mind. Keeping staff and customers safe is your duty and responsibility and having a robust and modern retail cash management system in place is not optional, it is required. We invest heavily in research and development of new and existing products and have the ability to customise solutions for specific applications, so if the Glory CASHINFINITY™ is something you know can make your business better and safer, enquire with us today.