In the rare cases that the only way to protect your assets is to render them unusable, cash dye stain is the method that should be used. AllCash is proud to distribute, install, and support the In-Cassette Staining Device L3 (ICSD L3) for the protection of bank notes in ATMs. The device is designed and manufactured by Oberthur Cash Protection in France to the highest international standards. It protects against all forms of physical attacks including extreme physical force, explosions, or attempts to pierce the body of the machine.

The South African Bureau of Standards is responsible for conformity and excellence across all products and commodities that contribute to the economy, and the institution has approved the use of the ink module, the security component, and the ink itself for this cash dye stain device.

The ICSD L3 is an autonomous cash dye stain device with both the ink module and the security component requiring minimal user interaction after installation. Both have visible and easy to read status indictors and are simple and safe to operate.


We have taken every precaution to make sure that not only is the cash inside the ATM protected, but so are the lives of those who depend on the business. The cash dye stain device does not use any flammable or explosive components, and while the ink used is not toxic or harmful to people, the ink deployed will cover 100% of the notes leaving stains unable to be erased.

AllCash is committed to our clients and are willing and able to tailor any asset protection solutions to your unique needs, in keeping with that promise, this cash dye stain method is also modular, which means that it can be extended as required.

Businesses that make use of the cash dye stain method to protect the bank notes in their ATMs are actively deterring crime, because the notes have no value when stained, wrongdoers are aware that it’s not worth the risk. That’s how you protect lives and protect assets.

The cash dye stain method is just one of the many ways AllCash serves you. Be it cash protection, cash management, asset tracking or fleet management, we are more than just protection. Don’t wait. It’s not worth the risk. Our quality products backed by expert support and maintenance could be what stands between you and certain harm of the lives and assets around you.