With South Africa predominantly a cash-driven country, cash logistics is without a doubt a main artery of our economy. Equally important, is having world-class solutions to track the cash, throughout the cash cycle.


Cash management company, Izicash announces its adoption of Transtrack, a software solution, supported by a South African company, AllCash, which streamlines the cash logistics process. “Thanks to this investment in Transtrack, Izicash is now the only South African cash management company that uses Transtrack to manage the entire cash cycle – from cash supply, cash-in-transit (CIT) collections and deliveries, to cash processing and settlements,” says Albert Erasmus, CEO of Izicash.

Tracking cash in an end to end cycle improves efficiencies and optimises and streamlines every stage in the cash logistics process. An invaluable spin-off is that safety and security around cash handling is greatly enhanced, which provides retailers, their staff and their customers with peace of mind, in addition to the bottom-line benefits of world-class business practices.

Transtrack International is a Dutch software developer with outstanding credentials in the global cash industry, both for the services it provides and for its CashWebCommunity (CWC) modular software.

CWC’s local footprint is provided and managed by AllCash, the leading developer and manufacturer of cash management devices and protection products. Best known for its range of electronic locks, cross-pavement carriers that are used by commercial banks, CIT service providers and security companies, AllCash is also the licensed manufacturer and service partner for PUDU, the armoured vehicle vault protection system that was developed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

Since 2006, AllCash has been the southern African and sub-Saharan representative, and integration and support partner of Transtrack International. The company supplies the associated hardware and implements and trains clients on the Transtrack CWC software suite throughout Africa.

“Over the past 10-plus years, we have found the Transtrack software to be invaluable,” says Graeme King, CEO of AllCash. “We see every day how it helps CIT companies to save time and money by fitting in more collections per route, automating hand-over processes and having a properly documented audit trail in order to track and trace and provide information to clients.”

It is, however, the software’s ability to automate and manage all the stages in the cash lifecycle – from forecasting and optimisation to contract management, order management, asset management, tracking of cash, handover of liability, billing outputs and management dashboards – that Izicash sees making the biggest difference to its clients, and to take its business to the next level.

“Our reputation as a reliable and credible alternative cash logistics provider has now been well established,” says Erasmus, “But in the past we confined our operations to Gauteng and Northwest Provinces. Now, with the technology of Transtrack and the service support of AllCash, we will be able to expand our business geographically and grow exponentially.”

Izicash has a long-standing association with AllCash and uses its cross-pavement carrier technology. “Our relationship is built on trust and goodwill, and we are honoured and excited that Albert and his team chose us as its partner to help take Izicash to the next level,” says King.