How safe is your safe? When you make use of a safe it’s not just the items inside it that you are protecting, it’s also the people in that environment. Use a high security safe lock to make sure that lives and assets are protected.

If you’re in charge of overseeing a commercial banking environment and need to make sure every bank branch, treasury safe, under counter teller safe, bulk cash transfer unit, vault and ATM is impenetrable – you need a high security safe lock. Cash-in-Transit branches where overnight vaults and safes need protection and high security risk retail environments, like consumer electronics and fragrance stores, mobile phone stores, tobacco storage/transporters and jewelry stores all need a high security safe lock.
Secure telecom depots and secure access areas can all make use of this crucial device.

This lock provides an additional layer of security to any door. Both cubicle access doors and the actual safe doors can be fitted and protected with these locks. Not only does the functionality of the lock itself provide peace of mind that the items inside the safe are protected, but the appearance of this piece of technology can also act as a deterrent. Meaning that if someone with malicious intentions spots the high security safe lock, they will re-think their decision of trying to infiltrate the environment and this keeps the people as well as the assets out of harm’s way.


AllCash have developed the Allegro High Security Safe Lock for multiple uses and applications. Coupled with the Locksmith software it gives those whose duty it is to protect high value items, and the lives of those who come into contact with those items, a trustworthy defense system. Our High Security Safe Lock has functions and controls that suit any requirements, depending on the needs of the business or environment.

For a treasury safe or a bank branch environment the time-delay lock options can buy valuable time. This functionality keeps the safe door closed even after the code has been entered for a preset amount of time. Life-saving decisions can be made during this delay while still keeping the valuables out of reach of the perpetrators. For prying eyes an OTC (one-time-code) can be generated, so even if this code is seen it cannot be used again. For remote branches a time lock option is available.

A high security safe lock needs to live a long life to be able to do its job properly. So, our Allegro is rugged with a lithium ion back up battery and a keypad built to last. The smartphone app provides secure one-time codes and network connectivity via the AllCash Communications Unit (ACU) will give you access to remote monitoring, configuration and audit trail download features. With our high security safe lock you also get a AllCash Communications Unit (ACU) for intelligent interlocking and in-house development and support.

Once you are armed with the Allegro. You won’t need anything else.