If your business handles cash, you need fool-proof cash protection. No matter what level you are in the banking industry, if there is cash in your building your life is on the line. If it’s your job to move money as a Cash-In-Transit company, you must be extra vigilant. In fact, every institution that handles cash, be it retail or commercial, needs the methods and products that AllCash have to offer. Not only to protect assets, but in so doing, also protect lives.

There are a few ways to make sure that cash protection is a priority in your institution. Of course, we start at the human level. Making sure your team is well trained and vetted. Have protocols in place and make sure everyone knows what to do and when. Clear goals, strategies and consequences are a must.

Now, keeping the cash itself safe. There are many idealistic solutions. For example, not keeping too much cash on the premises for extended periods of time. Unrealistic for institutions like banks and a great source of strain for retailers. So, if there is no alternative, the best course of action is to make sure that cash is always safe on the premises. That’s where we come in.

AllCash Group is a leading South African designer, manufacturer and distributor of cash protection equipment, cash management solutions and asset tracking products. Our market-leading portfolio of asset protection products includes electronic locks, cash in transit equipment, and cash protection on-site.



At AllCash we invest heavily in research and development of new and existing products and serve custom solutions for specific applications depending on customer needs. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of the cash protection and management industry and to providing outstanding solutions, training and technical support for our customers.

With products like the Cash Warrior, Cash Defender MK3, Cash Ranger and other Cross Pavement Carriers we are certain that the Cash-In-Transit team that makes use of them will feel safe knowing that the cash they are transporting is secure.

Another way to protect cash is with stain or foam. The ATM ICSD L3 is an In-Cassette Staining Device that protects the cash inside of the ATM cassette against all forms of physical attacks including cutting, grinding, drilling, bombing, and ram raids. We also offer vehicle vault protection with the AllCash Foam Protection Unit (AFPU) which is developed for use in Modular Armed Vehicles and Multi-Purpose Vehicles that are used in the cash-in-transit industry, to protect assets in the vault area of the vehicle in the case of a heist.

The tried and true safe is one of the most common forms of cash protection, but AllCash helps you elevate that protection with electronic safe locks like the Allegro with the option of adding extra security with the addition of Locksmith Software.

Even though there are great advancements in financial technology there will always be a place for cash in our society, so as a business or institution that is constantly engaging with society, cash protection must always be on your list of priorities. It’s definitely on ours.