You want feet in the door. As a business owner you need to invite customers from many different walks of life, so you need a cash management system. Yes, there are great strides in FinTech, but we can’t ignore the fact that lots of every day working people do most of their transactions with cash.

So, we don’t just pretend that cash is going away. We buckle down and come up with solutions that make the handling of cash safer for everyone.

Efficient cash management is a key component to your stability as a business, both financially and in the form of trust in the eyes of your customers. You want them to keep coming back not only because they believe in your product and your brand, but because they know they are safe with you.

Protecting your cash means protecting your people.


ALLCASH Group is a leading South African designer, manufacturer and distributor of cash protection equipment, cash management solutions and asset tracking products. We are the distributor and support partner for Glory Global Solutions and their CASHINFINITY™ range of cash recyclers to take cash management into the future.

Collecting and managing cash flows is safer with Glory products. Cash management can be costly and can impact business operations, but introducing the Glory CI-10 or the Glory CI-50 can help increase efficiency and make everyone feel protected.

The Glory CI-10 note and coin recycler allows the cashier to scan and pack goods while the customer pays for goods. No matter if coins, cash or card is used the recycler automatically issues change in either notes or coins. This eliminates shortages at the till point as well as HR issues that surround the management of shortages. The CI-10 is also able to hold a float in the device while moving excess cash via a cannister to the back office. Cashiers no longer have till drawers with floats, they merely log on and off making shift changes seamless.

The CI-50 is a compact coin and note recycler that accepts mixed note and coin deposits from cashiers at the end of day. The system issues floats back to the cashiers before starting their shifts. This means that a float can be held in the device if needed. Only the excess cash is moved from the float holding area to the self-sealing stacking bag as required for banking purposes. The CI-50 records all transactions and improves reconciliations dramatically.

Be it management, staff or customers, efficient cash management impacts the business from all angles. So having a handle on that system will not only make business run smoother, but also protect everyone who walks through your doors.