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Omnitracs Roadnet Robust Vehicle Route Planning Software

roadnet logoOmnitracs, LLC is a global pioneer of fleet management, routing and predictive analytics solutions for private and for-hire fleets. Omnitracs’ nearly 1,000 employees deliver software-as-a-service-based solutions to help more than 50,000 private and for-hire fleet customers manage nearly 1,500,000 mobile assets in more than 70 countries. The company pioneered the use of commercial vehicle telematics over 25 years ago and serves today as a powerhouse of innovative, intuitive technologies. Omnitracs transforms the transportation industry through technology and insight, featuring best-in-class solutions for compliance, safety and security, productivity, telematics and tracking, transportation management (TMS), planning and delivery, data and analytics, and professional services.

AllCash Technologies have been appointed as the Sub-Saharan VAR (Value Added Reseller) for Omnitracs Roadnet to sell and support their range of software. Omnitracs Roadnet is a great complement to AllCash’s current range of software products and services used mainly in the management and tracking of cash packages. AllCash will also be offering the related consulting services for Sub-Saharan Omnitracs Roadnet clients.

Omnitracs Roadnet provides worldwide fleet management software tools and GPS tracking solutions for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in a broad range of industries such as food-service, beverage, paper, medical, waste management, textile and energy. Omnitracs Roadnet fleet management applications and logistics software provides strategic territory and street-level route plans, multi-stop vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics, fuel management, and real-time vehicle GPS tracking.

Through the Omnitracs Roadnet Fleet Management Platform customers gain the ability to solve complex transportation challenges in a simple manner. With the Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite clients are able to develop strategic territories and optimal route plans – and track these plans in real-time throughout the day, using this information to compare actual vs. planned data. All of this critical transportation intelligence is available through web-based dashboards and reporting – giving our customers the power needed to make solid business decisions.

Omnitracs Active Alert

Active Alert provides you the functionality to proactively notify customers to the estimated arrival time (ETA) of a delivery or mobile worker. Leveraging projected and actual arrival and departure times, Active Alert allows you to provide instant notification for superior customer service and competitive advantage.

Omnitracs Roadnet

It’s never the same road—in managing transportation operations, you live it, breathe it, and know it. Every day, you deal with a whole new set of challenges—each one with the potential to throw off your stops in a thousand different ways, driving up costs and driving down service. All it takes is one driver out sick, a big customer calling up with a service request, a sudden change in weather, or a five-mile backup, and you can be looking at one very bad day.

Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere

An automated system that allows you to create efficient route plans while tracking drivers compared to your plan. As orders come in, routes are created and pushed to mobile devices. Driver activities are monitored via a GPS-enabled smartphone, bringing exceptions, such as off-plan, to the forefront.

Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite

This versatile enterprise or stand-alone solution gives your routers an effective, tactical routing tool to optimize daily delivery and service operations in just minutes, not hours. Omnitracs Roadnet offers you the ability to transform today’s orders into tomorrow’s routes, locking in the highest number of efficiencies to improve customer service while reducing costs.

Omnitracs MobileCast

With advanced mobile resource management capabilities, MobileCast empowers your team by providing them with the tools they need to ensure the highest levels of productivity and customer service. Unlike AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) packages, MobileCast lets you step outside the four walls of your dispatch location in real time to see not only where all of your vehicles actually are—but if they are following their respective routing plans.

Omnitracs MobileView

Business isn’t static; it happens in real-time. As your day unfolds, you can’t be tethered to your desk—you must be mobile to ensure that the day moves along smoothly. You need information when you need it, wherever you are and on whatever device you happen to have—smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Omnitracs Territory Planner

Fixed routes? Today, they are anything but. Even the most predictable static routes can eat away at your company’s profits over time through customer changes, backtracking, and off-route stops. Seasonal volume spikes, rising fuel costs, sudden long-term traffic issues and other resource emergencies—all can overload your driver and equipment limits, forcing you to make decisions that affect your bottom line.



Omnitracs Roadnet - Case Study: Pepsi


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