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Cash Defender MK3
Get the new generation Cross Pavement Carrier with bag ripper and ink-dye technology from AllCash Technologies.
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Electronic Safe Locks
Time Delay, time lock and one time random code access sytem for safes, ATM's and access solutions.

Passive ATM Dye Protection



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  • A passive solution for gas and commercial explosive for Cash Protection Devices
  • Compatible with all ATM cash cassettes
  • Retrofitted with ease
  • Instantaneous dye stain deployment
  • No sensors, no triggers, no detection system required
  • A DNA marker can, of course, be added to the ink
  • Supports paper and polymer notes
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be mishandled* with the certainty of no false activation
  • This is currently the only passive cash protective solution in the industry

We offer reliable, robust and secure software and hardware solutions to protect and manage your cash and assets.