Allegro High Security Locks

Allegro High Security Locks


AllCash SA have developed the Allegro High Security Lock for multiple uses and applications.  These applications include:

  • Commercial Banking Environment – for use in Bank Branches i.e. Treasury Safes, Under Counter Teller Safes, Bulk Cash Transfer Units, Vaults and ATM’s.  Both cubicle access doors and the actual ATM Safe doors can be fitted and protected with our locks.
  • Cash-in-Transit Branches where overnight vaults and safes need protection.
  • High security risk retail environments like consumer electronics and fragrance stores, mobile phone stores, tobacco storage/transporters and jewellery stores.
  • Secure Telecom depots and secure access areas.

Our locks can be used in many different ways.  From a basic, Single User ID and Pin number to dual User ID and Pin number requests to using advanced Smartphone Android Based Mobile Application to issue opening and closing codes to Near Field Communication (NFC Technology).  We have gone as far as “Keyless Opening” technology that enables the removal of any exterior input units to our locks as these input units can be tampered with or vandalised..  Due to the fact that all hardware and software development is done in-house, changes to operational requirements can be made seamlessly at reasonable costs.

We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our products to each customers’ unique requirements and our locks have proven themselves in the African marketplace for the past 25 years.

The Allegro High Security Lock provides solutions for the various customer requirements for electronic locks. The lock can be set up as a Time Delay Lock for operation on a treasury safe in a branch environment or as a One Time Code (OTC) Lock on an ATM safe or with a Time Lock for remote branch sites. Variants are available for under-counter safes, mobile cash trolleys and bulk cash transfer units.

The Allegro Locksmith Back Office can automatically provide One Time Codes using a Smartphone Application or telephonically using a Decoder unit. The Allegro can be connected via Ethernet to the Back Office to provide real time monitoring of the status of the lock, to allow remote configuration of the lock and to download audit trails.

The Allegro Locksmith Back Office application allows authorised users to add and delete lock users and sites. It enables the import of daily CIT routes allowing specific scheduling for ATM replenishment. The Back Office will provide specific reports and escalation via SMS or email in the event of certain conditions.


  • Rugged keypad
  • Lithium ion back up battery
  • Smartphone App to provide secure one-time codes
  • Ethernet connectivity to provide remote monitoring, configuration and audit trail download
  • Hub to provide intelligent interlocking
  • In-house development and support


  • Single or Dual User PIN, One-Time Code and Dallas key opening options
  • Time delay and time lock functions
  • Lockout On 3 Incorrect PIN Entries
  • Closing code function
  • Door Open Alarm Trigger
  • CIT routing functionality
  • Activity audit trail
  • Interlocking for multiple locks and access doors
  • Duress function
  • Output to alert alarm monitoring company